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Duck News - Episode 1

May 17, 2019

Hi Friend,

This is the very first episode of Duck News where we bring to you ‘intermediate’ to ‘advanced’ news about frontend.

Vue 3.0 RFC

Vue 3.0 RFC was released a while ago, if you haven’t checked it out, that’s definitely a must do, specially after the drama created on hacker news and reddit.

I personally like the idea of ditching the class api as it had so many gotchas and the experience was pretty not up to expectations, specially typing props #hell.

Build a blog like a pro

This is a very nice simplified tutorial to show what you can do with Nuxt and Contentful. If you ever want to built something like a website editor or even a blog for an agency. I would highly recommend this.

8 DOM features you didn’t know existed?

The DOM is always evolving, this is one of the few lists of stuff you don’t know that are actually useful.

Move from gulp to parcel

I (still) find webpack a bit too big and complicated and does lots of webpack magic, and was very glad to hear about parcel. here’s a nice tutorial to get you started.

Articles Articles .. show me some code.

I feel you friend, I finally found a nice repo to read.

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